Friday, April 01, 2005

Slightly Scared

Someone from the DOD visited here yesterday. Why does that make my fucking blood run cold? I am not a terrorist or anything. I don't want anybody or anything to suffer any kind of pain whatsoever. But I feel as if they are checking up on me. And it scares me. Scares me too much to post their IP. Way too much. OK - if you come back and are not looking at me as a potential terrorist please leave me a peaceful message so I can lay off the Xanex. I haven't been too vociferous in my dislike of a certain bush have I? I know not lately b/c just the thought of that shrub makes me sick. But I still wish the shrub the best. The very best. Not that he needs it because surely God is protecting this bit of foliage. And it's spring, so the hedge is blooming; spreading out; expanding ITS horizons and reaches and grasps.

I was just looking over my stats after finding this webpage: CompleteWhois
Was hoping to find something interesting, but not THAT interesting. Should I be scared? I dont know!!! I feel like I am being investigated and am not sure if that is a rational assumption.....